Atlas Copco provides the most comprehensive range of 100% oil-free air blowers in the market today for pressures ranging from 0 – 1.7 bar (25 psig) to meet all low-pressure compressed air needs at a maximum efficiency. All blower lines are oil-free which helps reduce maintenance and failure points.

The product lines include the Rotary Screw Blower (ZS), the Centrifugal Magnetic Bearing High Speed Turbo Blower (ZB), the Rotary Lobe Blower (ZL) and the Multistage Centrifugal Blowers (ZM). All of Atlas Copco’s offerings have several optional extras including the Variable Speed Drive (VSD)+ which provides worry-free, around-the-clock monitoring and adjustment to maximize blower efficiency and, therefore, minimizing energy costs based on your systems’ needs.

The ZS Screw Blower provides a very unique unit that has a turndown of up to 80%, which can help ensure that the efficiency of the blower is maximized at any time. This is key when designing new equipment for long lifecycles and growth is built in. The ZS can help efficiently meet your air requirement needs without increasing energy costs.

All of Atlas Copco’s blower models come in an optional fully-integrated, plug-and-play installation which greatly reduces installation costs and coordination and provides a single source of responsibility when starting the units up. These are units are tested in the factory completed and shipped ready for installation.

In addition to blowers, Atlas Copco also offers DO Control, Advanced Controls, Flow or Pressure MOV, and a wide range of air compressors.