Blue Earth Products is a specialty, chemical manufacturing company with a focus on safe, NSF 60-approved cleaning solutions for municipal and commercial water treatment infrastructure. Offering the full complement of industry-tested Floran products, they supply cost-saving solutions to effectively clean and rehabilitate Filter Media, Filter Bays, Storage Tanks, and Air Stripping Towers. The Floran product line includes NeXt, Media Master, Filter Fit, CSR Plus and Top Ultra.

Blue Earth Products also offers an innovative and versatile Clearitas product line. This cutting edge, chlorine-based technology is able to attack and dissolve biofilms, disassemble organic-laden scale and keep systems free from bio-fouling while remaining online. NSF 60-approved up to 4,000 ppm, Clearitas is part of a proven biofilm and microbial solution for a variety of application such as Distribution Systems for Potable Drinking Water, Cooling Tower Treatment, Food and Beverage Systems, Hospital and Facility plumbing, Hydroponics and even Poultry and Dairy farming.

Blue Earth Products also maintains its own laboratory and staff in order to bench test recommendations for efficacy and dosing to ensure that customers receive the most effective and cost-efficient solutions possible.