Boerger has been manufacturing pumps since 1975 and has always had the sole focus of providing the best possible equipment with the lowest possible maintenance. With the MIP Promise – Maintenance-in-Place – the entire product line is easily maintained without moving the pump. The flagship product of Boerger are the self-priming, valve-less, positive displacement, Rotary Lobe Pumps. The BLUEline and ONIXline provide 25 different pump sizes with flowrates from 4.4-7,050 gpm (1-1,600 M3/hr) and pressure stabilities up to 232 psi (16 bar) depending on the model. There is a variety of seals and rotors offered as well providing a pump to meet any customer’s pumping needs. All pumps are fully reversible and solids-resistant.

In addition, Boerger has a full line of Macerating Units/ Grinders for protecting downstream equipment and pumps. The Multicrusher (twin-shaft chopper, based on rotary lobe pumps design), the Multichopper (perforated disc chopped) and the Rotorrake (robust, single-shaft coarse chopper) are all fully-reversible grinders which reliably chop coarse material like fibers, wood pieces, plastics, membranes, textiles, etc. to keep downstream equipment running smoothly. The grinders range in maximum throughput from 320 m3/hr (1,400 gpm) to 800 m3/hr (3,520 gpm) depending on which model is selected.