Calgon Carbon is a world leader in UV technology for disinfection and oxidation to treat drinking water, wastewater, groundwater, process water and ballast water.

Compared to chemical treatment of water, UV technology is low-cost and environmentally friendly, and eliminates the need to transport, store or handle toxic chemicals. It generates no DBPs, which further safeguards the environment and aquatic life.

Calgon has two offerings for UV disinfection and one for Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP).

For wastewater treatment applications, Calgon provides the C3 open-channel UV disinfection system. It has a patented delta wing mixing technology which provides superior germicidal efficiency. It also has high power, low pressure lamps which ensures fewer lamps with validated performance. The bulbs are coated for longer life and come in an 8-bulb-per-rack module.

For drinking water applications, Calgon offers the Sentinel UV System which deactivates pathogens in source water servicing over 5 billion gallons of water daily worldwide. The system is used to improve taste/ odour and also to remove disinfection byproducts (DBP’s), endocrine disrupting compounds (EDC’s), dissolved organics and emerging contaminants. It also provides a very compact footprint for ease of retrofit applications. The units also have a large turndown (up to 95%) for maximum efficiency.

Calgon is also the pioneer of AOP with over 30 years of experience using it for drinking water and groundwater remediation. These units are completely scalable rated up to 227 MLD (50 MGD).

All of the Calgon UV and AOP offerings include automatic, chemical-free, mechanical cleaning for ease of maintenance and maximizing efficiency.

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