Continental Carbon Group has a full line of carbon-based odour control products which can treat air for a wide range of foul air utilizing with a wide range of flow rates. The three key lines are the Phoenix H2S Removal System, the Titan Radial Carbon Adsorber and their Compact Odour Control Systems (High Flow & Ventsorb). In addition, they also provide some compact solutions to stack and manhole applications with the Sweetvent and Sweetstreet Systems.

The Phoenix is a series of radial cannisters filled with the washable Centaur HP Carbon that directs foul air through a series of chambers with radial flow and catalytically converts H2S into H2SO4. This product allows for isolated media regeneration which prevents any downtime to the system while cleaning.

The Titan Radial Carbon Adsorber is the most cost-effective alternative to conventional carbon, utilizing radial flow to provide less expensive and smaller footprint solutions to treat foul air. The Titan can treat almost double the air flow of a traditional deep bed filter at 30,000 cfm with a smaller footprint. It is ideally suited for municipal wastewater odour control applications like pump stations and lift stations as well as headworks, sludge thickeners and belt press applications. The Titan can be filled with the Centaur HSV Carbon and handle moderate levels of H2S in addition to odourous organic compounds like methyl mercaptans and dimethyl sulfide.

The High Flow and Ventsorb Odour Control Systems are perfect odour control systems when space is at a premium as they have a tiny footprint. They are available as: 1) a simple, passive standalone cannister, 2) a skid-mounted system, complete with fans/ controls or 3) a top-mounted fan system. All forms are can be filled with the Centaur HSV for light H2S applications in addition to other odourous compounds. This is a simple system and requires only a utility connection and flipping a switch. Ideal for pump stations and lift stations.

The Sweetvent and Sweetstreet Systems are for direct stack and manhole applications, respectively. They both use positive pressure in the vent/ sewer line to push contaminated air through the unit. There are no moving parts with these systems and no utilities needed. The only maintenance is the replacement of the media.

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