Electrolytic Technologies is the leading manufacturer in onsite chlorine and sodium hypochlorite generation systems. Klorigen Generators are small-scale chlor-alkali plants that generate either chlorine gas and sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) or sodium hypochlorite (10-15% concentration) at ambient pressure. The units are safer and less expensive than bulk. All Klorigen generators are also fully-scalable at 10-100% of the unit’s capacity to meet demands and avoid decomposition.

The Klorigen M-Series is smaller scale and can produce 20-200 lbs of chlorine per day OR 40-250 gallons of 10% concentration sodium hypochlorite per day. The Klorigen units also create Membrane-Grade sodium hydroxide (15% concentration) as a co-product when generating chlorine gas.

The Klorigen K-Series is for larger chemical demands and can produce 200 – 2,500 lbs of chlorine per day per electrolyzer module, 150-1,925 gallons of Caustic Soda per day per module AND 200-2,500 gallons of 15% concentration sodium hypochlorite per day per module.

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