Evoqua has a large portfolio of proven brands that service the water and wastewater industries including ADI Systems, Davco, Envirex, Geomembrane Technologies, Jet Tech, JWI, Lange Containment, VAF Filtration Systems, Vortisand and Wallace & Tiernan. With the large range of products, Evoqua is able to meet most clients’ water and wastewater treatment equipment needs.

Evoqua also has a line of classification and separation equipment including primary/ secondary clarifiers (round or rectangular), ballasted clarifiers, and Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Systems. Envirex has been a leading manufacturer in the clarifier industry for decades and continues to push the market with a series of clarifier options including the Flocculating Energy Dissipating Well Arrangement (FEDWA) Baffle System for circular clarifiers that helps increase capacity, improve settling, and prevent scum build-up in the center influent wells of the clarifier. For rectangular clarifiers, Evoqua caries the Envirex chain and scraper system. The clarifier mechanisms from Envirex are their flagship products.

For Covers and Liners, Evoqua provides lagoon/ pond liners, tank liners, biogas collection covers, digester covers, modular covers, and structurally-supported covers for any water or wastewater coverage needs including algae prevention, anaerobic digestion, odour control, or gas collection.

Evoqua also has an effective filtration line including the Forty-X Disc Filters, Traveling Bridge Gravity Filters (Gravisand) and Hydroclear Sand Filters which are all used for tertiary treatment or effluent polishing. The Gravisand and Hydroclear both use monomedia which is a fine-grain sand used in the filtration process.

Disinfection is another expertise of Evoqua with a wide range of water and wastewater applications including hypochlorite/ chlorine dioxide generators, chlorinators, and gas analyzers. In addition, Evoqua’s portfolio includes the full Wallace & Tiernan line of offerings including chemical dosing equipment, chemical metering equipment and gas feed equipment.

Evoqua also has a line of dewatering products through the JWI J-Press which is a plate and frame filter press. They carry a full line of filter presses for a wide range of municipal and industrial applications.

In addition, Evoqua provides a wide variety of intake screens that are designed to remove debris at the intake of a water treatment plant. Their products are 316(b) Fish Protection Compliant and can handle very large debris with its 6” lifting lip. The Thru Flow and Dual Flow Travelling Water Screens are the key products used in water and wastewater, picking up the Rex and Link-Belt line of products.

Evoqua also has over 40 years of experience in Rotating Biological Contactors (RBC’s) with Envirex, Lyco and Autotrol all falling under their umbrella. The RBC’s consist of a large disc with radial and concentric passages that slowly rotate in a concrete tank. The tanks are situated such that 40% of the media is in contact with wastewater and the rotation/ exposure to oxygen allows organisms to multiply and form a layer of biomas (which is sheared off into the system for removal by the clarifier). They are used for BOD removal and ammonia removal/ nitrification.

The Evoqua Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) is the OMNIFLO SBR System which uses Jet Tech aeration in true batches by adjusting to influent flows and can treat up to 60 MGD of flow. This allows for a stable operation even while experiencing CSO peaks. There is no electro-mechanical equipment in the tank which allows for easy and safe maintenance on the SBR’s.

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