GTC manufactures an array of automated cleaning systems designed and manufactured by former plant operators who are experienced in the maintenance issues encountered in plant operation. Gill Trading has 4 primary cleaning products which are the WeirWasher Automated Cleaning System (ACS), the Eco-Blaster Biological Control System (BCS), the Belt-Blaster and the Weir Rover.

The WeirWasher ACS is designed to remove algae, scum and grease from weirs and troughs on clarifiers. The WeirWasher is even effective at cleaning submerged surfaces up to a foot below the surface. It not only helps optimize clarifier and thickener performance by allowing consistent flow through the weirs, but it also helps prevent UV fouling. The systems use no chemicals (non-potable water only) and helps prolong the lifecycle of sensitive downstream process equipment.

The Eco-Blaster BCS helps control foam, sludge, grease, algae, scum, and other foreign material from aeration basins, clarifiers, headworks, feed wells, screens, EQ tanks, wet wells, gravity belt thickeners and weirs and troughs. The system is much cheaper than de-foaming chemicals and helps prevent grease build-up causing foul odour to develop in the tanks.

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