Golden Harvest provides a complete line of water control products from valves to gates with an expertise in sluice, slide and weir gates ranging from 6” up to 240”.

Golden Harvest manufactures a tapered wedge and fully-wedge stainless steel (304 or 316) sluice gates, the latter being best-suited to higher unseating loads. Both can be either wall-mounted, thimble-mounted or 125-lb flanged. They also manufacture heavy duty slide gates as well. The fully-wedged stainless steel sluice gate (GH-100) exceeds the “zero-leakage” requirements of AWWA C-560 standards for cast iron gates.

In addition, they have a full suite of flow control gates including weir gates (upstream flow control gates), self-adjusting level control gates, radial gates, flap gates and stop gates/logs. All products are available in either 304/ 316 stainless steel and some are available in aluminum as needed.

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