Grande Water Management specializes in Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Abatement, Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) Elimination and Storm Water/ Wastewater Management. All products are provided with permanently-lubricated bearings for minimal maintenance and with heavy-duty stainless-steel-construction.

Grande provides tank and sewer flushing with a full line of tipping buckets and flushing gates. The ACU-TIP and ACU-DRUM provide sediment flushing systems to remove settled debris from tank/ reservoir floors using fresh or in-situ water. The ACU-GATE is a flushing gate that uses hydrostatic water pressure behind the gate (combined with latch system) to flush the tank bottoms.

Grande also has a complete line of bending weirs for overflow control in CSO, SSO and storm water management. The ACU-BEND, SURE-BEND and TRU-BEND all control upstream water levels to control the level of the weirs which increases sewer storage volumes and reduces overflow events. The ACU-PRO also provides a means of measuring the overflow discharge using upstream and downstream water levels.

In addition to the flow control equipment, Grande also provides screens for overflow applications helping to keep solids and debris in the sewer system and prevent them from entering overflow. They can be used in conjunction with any weirs and cab be installed in a multitude of orientations to meet the needs of a variety of applications. They have both a fine screen overflow system which filters to 3/16” (5 mm) and a rake system that keeps coarse, floating debris out of the overflow (1/2” to 2” aperature).

Grande also provides a line of flood protection equipment with the SURE-FLAP (Check Flap), the ACU-FLAP (Check Element) and the TRU-FLAP (Floating Flap).

The ACU-FLOW Balance Regulator, ACU-JET Jet Regulator, the TRU-FLO Compact Regulator and the ACU-SOL Regulator are designed to maintain a constant and accurate flow regardless of upstream water levels ranging from 0-40 ft (12 m) and flowrates from 16-32,000 GPM. These can be used for CSO, SSO, Stormwater and Vortex flow regulation.

In order to prevent floatables from entering water systems, Grande also has a series of baffles depending on your specific needs. The ACU-SELF (self-adjusting floating baffle), the ACU-LAM (fixed lamella baffle) and the ACU-STAT (fixed baffle) are designed to reduce the floating debris that enters your water systems up to a flow depth of 3 ft (90 cm) and up to 20 ft (6m) in width.

Grande also has a line of manhole access safety equipment including the SURE-CLIMB extendable handhold device and the TRU-CLIMB floating ladder. Both are unique designs that improve the safety conditions for access into manholes or tanks and can even be used together for optimal manhole entrance safety.

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