Hallsten Corporation is a leading supplier in structural aluminum products with over 50 years in operation. They provide products for environmental, marine and industrial applications.

Aluminum Covers are made from marine-grade aluminum extrusions that resists corrosion and requires no coatings or maintenance. The system is also designed to withstand H2S. The covers are also airtight with certifiable air intrusion rates and are 100% recyclable. Applications include Launder Covers, UV Channel Covers, Grit Basin Covers, Aeration Basin Covers, Air Distribution Covers, Concrete Tank Covers, Denitrification Covers, Process Covers, Radial Beam Covers, Channel Covers, Cake Vault Dump Hatches, and Weir Access Hatches.

In addition, Hallsten provides a BioFloor Biofiltration System which provides biological air pollution control using compression-formed materials composed of 100% post-industrial recycled polymers. They are strong enough to drive heavy machinery on them with a load rating of 16,000 lbs. SF.

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