Huber Technologies is an innovative firm specializing in stainless steel equipment for applications in water and wastewater treatment.

They have a complete line of stainless-steel screening, screenings treatment, grit separation/ treatment, sludge treatment, and flotation equipment with precision German engineer. They also have a line of miscellaneous, fabricated stainless steel products as well as a dissolved air flotation (DAF) system.

For screening equipment, Huber offers top-of-the-line headworks screens including Perforated Plate Screens, Belt Screens, Band Screens, Multi-Rake Bar Screens, Step Screens, Ultrafine Screens (MBR Screens), and Drum Screens. All screens are constructed of rugged stainless steel and can be used in protection of sensitive, downstream process equipment.

Their screenings separation equipment offerings include Screenings Wash Press, Conveyors, Launder Channels, and Screenings Compactors. They have a wide range of each type of equipment and can provide screenings weight reduction up to 85% so that fecal matter is removed from screenings and returned to wastewater flow. The Screenings Wash Press (WAP) provides conveyance and compaction of screening utilizing screw conveyors in one piece of equipment.

Huber also provides a full line of grit separation and treatment equipment. They provide a series of grit separation equipment including longitudinal/ vortex grit chambers/ traps and grit classifiers which uses the COANDA process to ensure high grit removal (95% grit separation). For grit treatment, they have a line of screw presses for sludge dewatering, as well as grit drying equipment (belt dryer and solar dryer).

For sludge treatment, Huber offers sludge screening equipment (STRAINPRESS) and sludge thickeners (disc thickener, belt thickener, rotary screw thickener). All of their thickeners provide preceding flocculation reactors with stirrers to ensure the efficiency of the equipment and minimizing the coagulant required in the thickeners.

Huber also has a full heat recovery system using Thermwin Technology which includes the use of the Huber Pumping Stations Screen (Rotamat RoK4) and a heat exchanger (RoWin) to capture thermal energy from sewage or storm water to create clean, renewable and sustainable energy.

In addition to their screening and grit products, they also have a line of miscellaneous stainless-steel equipment including manhole covers. Manhole safety climbing equipment, complete prefabricated manholes, stainless steel doors, safety doors, flood-proof doors (up to 2 m of head) and pressure-tight doors (up to 30 m of head).The stainless steel watertight doors can be used in water and wastewater applications to provide easy, safe access to water-holding tanks for maintenance and inspection.

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