Invent produces innovative mixing technology, aeration technology and engineering solutions that are developed specifically for the municipal water and wastewater markets.

They can provide suspension, homogenization, and flash-mixing for countless applications including equalization tanks, precipitation, coagulation, biological phosphate elimination, denitrification, BOD/ COD removal, disinfection, sludge treatment and chemical storage. All of Invent’s applications are German-engineered with the lastest CFD modelling and tested in their full-scale testing facility in Germany. All installations that they provide proposals on are 100% verified prior to even providing a proposal ensuring that their equipment is correct for each and every application prior to any fabrication.

Invent’s claim to fame is its elegant, Hyperboloid Mixer body used in the Hyperclassic and Hyperdrive Mixers. The hyperboloid body allows for only forces to act in the downward direction so that the mixers operate very smoothly and have much longer lifecycles than other mixer styles. Also, as a result of the shape of the mixer, it allows for very low horsepower requirements and lower RPM’s which greatly reduces maintenance costs. Invent’s complete mixing line includes the Cyberflow Accelerator (horizontal flow recirculation), the Cyberpitch Flashmixer, the Hyberclassic Mixer (Hyperboloid Mixer, dry motor), the Hyperdrive Mixer (Hyperboloid Mixer, submersible drive) and the Hyperclassic Flocculation System.

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