IXOM is the leader in ion exchange treatment solutions. They offer Coagulation/ Flocculation Chemicals, Disinfection/ Oxidation Chemicals, as well as pH and alkalinity control chemicals for use in water treatment. All products provided by IXOM are NSF-certified for use in drinking water.

IXOM provides a fluidized ion exchange process, called MIEX (Magnetic Ion Exchange), which is a process by which MIEX resin beads expedite agglomeration and settlement of particles or allows for fluidization at high hydraulic loading rates. This process decreases dissolved organic carbon (DOC), improves colour, and improves taste/ odour and therefore overall plant efficiency.

MICO, or MIEX Co-removal, uses MIEX PLUS media blend to reduce DOC’s, reduce hardness (with MICO SOF) or improve taste and odour (with MICO T&O). Both processes have low head losses, low waste volumes and are uniquely not subject to chromatographic peaking.