John Cockerill, formerly know as CMI Environment, provides tailor-made solutions for removal of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), corrosive gases, and odour-causing compounds for the water and wastewater industries.

They provide wet scrubbers which are used for the removal of corrosive gases, VOC’s and odour control with higher flowrates and pollutant concentrations. Wet scrubbers will generally use sulfuric acid (for nitrogenous compound removal), caustic soda and bleach (for sulphurated compounds and VOC’s), bisulphite (for chlorine residue or ketones) and activated carbon (for final polishing).

They also have a custom line of biofiltration which is used for removal of VOC’s and odour control. Here contaminated gas passes through incompressible bio-media and micro-organisms degrade the pollutants. This process is sensitive to humidity in the bed, temperature, and the stability of the pollutant concentration which can necessitate pre-treatment.

John Cockerill also provides activated carbon filters which are used primarily for low concentrations of VOC and odours in gas streams and for air polishing. Finally, they have a line of air-stripping towers for ammonia removal in wastewater treatment plants.