Lone Star is the premier manufacturer of Geared, Gearless, and Multistage Turbo blowers and Control Systems, with a specialty in the water and wastewater industries. They are the manufacturer of a complete line of blowers including their integrally-geared single-stage turbo blower, their gearless single stage turbo blower, multi-stage centrifugal turbo blower as well as their turn-key packaged systems. Their blowers offer the premium in efficiency, flexibility, and quality with a large variety of offerings to meet almost any municipal need. They also provide packaged systems to provide custom blower systems for any pressure, vacuum, air or gas applications.

Another unique thing that Lonestar offers is a large service group which can work on nearly any manufacturer’s machines. If you have a blower break down, they should be your first call as they can service any and all of the following brand: Hoffman, Lamson, Gardner Denver, HSi, Houston Service Industries, Atlas Copco Multistage Blower Parts and Service*, or Howden, Siemens, HV-TURBO, Turblex Single Stage Turbo Blower Parts and Service*.