Nefco is the innovator of clarifier improvement accessories and the first producer ever of density current baffles at the Stamford WWTP (Stamford, Connecticut, USA) which created the namesake Stamford Baffle.

Today, Nefco produces a full suite of FRP clarifier accessories including density current baffles, launder covers, odour control covers, troughs, baffle walls, weirs and scum baffles.

The density current baffles have been optimized in the Stamford Baffle 2.0 utilizing a modified inclination angle of 30 degrees and increased horizontal projection, based on the size of the clarifier. These modifications have resulted in 80% reduction in total suspended solids and a 35% increase in overall hydraulic capacity of a clarifier. In addition, Nefco produces a Dual Surface Baffle which is designed specifically for high flow situations and can be provided as a new system or a retrofit to existing Stamford baffles.

The launder covers are designed to eliminate algae growth in the clarifier effluent launder channel and can be mounted to either the tank wall or the weir wall providing flexibility around the needs of the plant’s operators. The weir mounted application swings in towards the center of the tank and provides unobstructed access and sightlines to the channel and the weirs. The wall-mounted application swings out towards the outer wall of the clarifiers.

Nefco also provides Odour Control Covers which can be used for launder covers, grit chambers, UV Channels, or any other areas that require personnel access. The covers are reinforced in order to allow for heavy loads to be put on them as well as a fully sealed unit for odour control. The odour control units also can be equipped with safety handrail and can be used in place of a launder cover to not only keep the odour inside of the enclosure, but also to eliminate algae growth.

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