Roberts Filter Group has been a family-owned and operated business providing water filtration products since 1889. Today their product line includes products for Pre-Treatment, Filtration and Waste Recycling.

There are multiple types of particles in Pre-Treatment requiring more than one means of removal. Roberts Group addresses this need utilizing Fixed or Floating Plate Settlers and Flocculators for the heavier particles that can be removed by gravity with traditional flocculation and sedimentation. For lighter particles, such as algae, that resists gravity settling, the particles are “floated out” using Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Systems.

There are also different means of filtration including gravity filtration, pressure filtration and package treatment plants.

Roberts has multiple types of underdrains used in gravity water filtration that provide even backwashing to ensure the uniformity of the filter bed. The first is the Infinity, extruded plastic underdrain which has a very low profile and has several key advantages to other underdrains. First, the underdrains are extruded to length so they are custom made to the size of the filter, removing all joints and therefore points of failure. Next, the laser cut slots allow for the filter media to placed directly on the underdrains increasing the freeboard. This product is also NSF-61-certified and easy to install.

The traditional Tri-Lateral is an HDPE combination air and water underdrain that uses passive air scour to increase backwash efficiency while maintaining uniformity. It can also be provided with the Porous Plate that allows for media to be placed directly on the underdrain, increasing the freeboard.

The Tri-Lateral SST is a stainless-steel underdrain system that is bolted directly to the tank and uses a slotted external shell to eliminate gravel and allow for the media to placed directly on the underdrains. The triangular internal chamber optimizes air scour capabilities in any condition and maintain uniform flow through the underdrains.

Roberts additionally provides traditional clay tile underdrains which have a very high structural integrity and provide optimal operational flexibility.

In addition to underdrains, Roberts also provides the Aires Air Scour System which can save up to 70% of water regularly used in the backwash cycle and increasing the efficiency of old filters. The Aires System is easy to install with all aspects of the system being exposed and it allows for easy integration into old filters.

Roberts also provides a state-of-the-art pressure filtration system, which is available in both a horizontal or vertical configuration depending on your needs. The pressure filters operate on line pressure and remove the need for secondary pumping. They are available up to 12 ft in diameter treating up to 25 MGD (94.6 MLD) per filter. The pressure filters utilize the Aires Air Scour System and the Infinity Underdrains.

Package Filtration Products are also a part of the Roberts suite of products with the Pacer II Dual Treatment System and the Reliant/ Reliant FS to service all of your water and wastewater package plant needs.