Schwing Bioset is the leader in biosolids pump technology and a turnkey, solids handling system provider. Using their concrete pumping technology, their positive displacement piston pumps can pump slurries upwards of 56% solids at pressures up to 1,885 psi at a capacity of 310 gallons per minute. These pumps can be vertical or horizontal in their arrangement and are operated by a hydraulic power pack. They are also controlled by a variable displacement of the hydraulic pump, which eliminates the need for a VFD. These pumps are used for pumping sludge cake, screenings and other non-flowable materials encountered at a wastewater treatment plant.

Schwing also has a large line of sliding frames/ push floor silos and live bottom hoppers. The silos equipped with the sliding frames can be used for equalization of surges, in addition to the truck loading and truck receiving. The Schwing Screw Pumps can be used to complement the silos by conveying the cake.

Fluid Bed Dryers are Schwing’s main drying system which can reduce sludge to greater than 90% dry. Using heat exchangers (85 degrees C) and a cyclone, the inert gas from the evaporated water leaves through the top and the gas stream travels through the cyclone where fines and particles are removed and mixed with wet biosolids.

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