Suez Water, which was formerly Zenon and GE Water, specializes in manufacturing ultrafiltration membranes and is the most experienced membrane provider in the world with thousands of installations world wide.

The basis of several of the Suez solutions is the Zeeweed which is a hollow-fibre membrane that can used for drinking water, wastewater, tertiary treatment and water reuse applications as well as reverse osmosis pre-treatment. The Zeeweed has several models which are geared to solve a variety of membrane solutions from the ZW500 (used primarily for MBR) to the ZW1500 which is a pressurized membrane system.

The LEAPprimary MBR and LEAPmbr are two of their wastewater offerings utilizing Zeeweed. The LEAPprimary is an advanced treatment process combining separation, thickening and dewatering of primary solids into one tank. This allows for removal of primary clarifiers and a reduction in footprint by 90% (1/10 of the footprint) to conventional primary treatment. The LEAPmbr uses ultrafiltration to separate solids, bacteria, and viruses from water and only let clean water pass through. This system is able to accomplish a 30% energy savings and 20% footprint reduction as compared to other MBR’s.

For Membrane Aerated Bioreactors (MABR), Suez has the ZeeLung which provides oxygen to bacteria in secondary treatment so that it can metabolize the nutrients and organics in the water. With Zeelung oxygen is delivered to the mixed liquor at a rate four times (4x’s) that of fine bubble aeration. Aeration is a huge percentage of the operational costs of a treatment plant and the ZeeLung can save roughly 40% of the energy costs compared to traditional fine bubble aeration.

Advanced Digestion Technology (ADT), which is formerly known as Monsal, is a system that uses bacteria in the absence of oxygen to break down matter and create biogas. The Sequential Gas Mixing (SGM) System ensures that the digesters are mixed continuously and prevents thermal layering. This system is able to produce 25% more biogas than conventional digestion at the same Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT). This system is capable of creating “Class A” Biosolids by EPA guidelines not only for wastewater, but also for food waste/ compost.

Suez also has a complete line of desalination and reverse osmosis solutions.

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