Xylem encompasses a portfolio of companies that provide an expansive product line for the water and wastewater treatment markets. At Pro Aqua, we represent Sanitaire, Wedeco and Flygt Mixers.

Sanitaire is the leading manufacturer in fine and coarse bubble diffusion for water and wastewater applications. Sanitaire has the Silver Series II Membrane Fine Bubble Diffusers which have a lifespan of 10 plus years without membranes as well as an intrinsic backflow preventer that stops mixed liquor from flowing into your aeration system. The Ceramic Disc Diffusers are interchangeable with the Silver Series II except the diffuser heads are made of ceramic and very durable. The life span of the diffusers is greater than 20 years with little maintenance except for diffuser cleaning which can be done insitu on the ceramic diffusers.

Sanitaire also has the Gold Series which is a band diffuser with a lifespan of over 30 years and a high Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency (SOTE) up to 3% per foot of submergence. The band diffusers are also modular and easily installed and modified.

Sequential Batch Reactors bring together process, aeration, decanting and control all into one tank. This removes the need for primary and secondary clarifiers and can handle up to 300,000 m3/ day. Sanitaire provides the ICEAS SBR’s which utilizes Sanitaire’s aeration technology.

Pro Aqua, Inc. also provides gas cleaning services for your ceramic diffusers as needed based on your plant’s diffuser head loss. The cleaning can be done in place and in service with no impact to plant operations or maintenance staff. The diffuser cleaning can keep your diffusers operating like new, maximizing the efficiency of your aeration system which is the highest single cost of plant operation.

Flygt is synonymous with submersible mixers and pumps. They provide a full line of wetted and dry-pit submersible pumps as well as sump pumps. In addition, they provide an unparalleled line of submersible propeller-type mixers for all of your mixing needs. They provide single-speed mixers, hydro ejectors, jet mixers, and adaptive mixers.

Wedeco is the designer of state-of-the-art Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems including their Duron, TAK Smart and Spektron UV Systems. The Duron UV Wastewater Treatment System is a 45-degree, vertically-inclined open channel UV disinfection. The UV systems also provide integrated, automatic module lifting for easy access to the bulb for maintenance, in addition to all electrical components being in dry areas and never submerged

The TAK Smart, which is also used for wastewater, comes in seven sizes and is fully-preassembled of stainless steel for cost-effective solutions under lower flow conditions.

The Spektron UV System is for drinking water applications up to 4000 m3/ hr per unit with flow running parallel to the bulbs.

All of the Wedeco UV Systems offer the Ecoray lamps which are high-output, amalgam lamps which save upwards of 20% in energy costs compared to previous releases. The Ecoray lamps can also reduce the lamp count of the system by up to 50%.

Also, all Wedeco UV Systems either come standard with or as an option a fully-automatic, chemical-free wiper cleaning system which keeps the lamps clean without an operator having to remove units from service.

Wedeco also has a line of Ozone Generators including the PDOevoPLUS Ozone System that can produce up to 15,000 lbs/ day of Ozone. The Ozone generators are of stainless-steel construction and come with a 10-year warranty on the Effizon evo 2G electrodes.

The Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) is ideal for mitigating Bromate formation by combining the Wedeco Ozone Generator with a H2O2 dosing unit. The AOP is great for oxidizing emerging contaminants as well. It can be skid-mounted for easy installation.